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Poosil's Story 2012. 11. 26. 19:59

내가 다른 곳을 볼 때,

날 몰래 쳐다보는 그 느낌이 좋아.

니가 멍하니 딴 생각이 잠겨있을 때,

너를 훔쳐보다 쑥스러워지는 내가 좋아.

Kath Bloom - 'Come Here'

영화. Before Sunrise. ost.

There's wind that blows in from the north. 
And it says that loving takes this course. 
Come here. Come here. 
No I'm not impossible to touch I have never wanted you so much. 
Come here. Come here. 
Have I never laid down by your side. 
Baby, let's forget about this pride. 
Come here. Come here. 
Well I'm in no hurry. Don't have to run away this time. 
I know you're timid. 
But it's gonna be all right this time.

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